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Hello, my name is Christina.
Just a highschool girl, struggling to get good grades, get to her job ontime,
finish all her homework and try to get into a good college. I also have a few hobbies <3

My Social Media:
Instagram; Oh_so_chubbz

Twitter: ChrissysPhotos
Snapchat; sexiilgbtq

Thank you so much! Hope you enjoy reading what I've written :)

Quotes by Memorium*

My thoughts lately; 1/17/2017 12:38 AM It has been so hard to sleep lately.
I k
eep staying up, thinking all night, about a lot of things.

So many things I could have done. And things I wish I could have changed.
nd then, would my ending have ended out the same? That's the true question.
If things were different, Who would have left? Who would come back? Who would have stayed? What could be different?
uld my destiny still remain the same? So many questions cycling through my mind and thoughts just asking to escape. I feel like writing helps me cope. If you don't like me writing these long paragraphs, poems, and stories...
Then wh
y did you bother reading this far? Do you care about me enough to read this far or was it the fact that you thought I maybe have written some DRAMA laying between these sentences and commas?
o knows...? But Goodnight to those who read this far. As I'll be seeing you all tomorrow, but if I change slowly overtime... Think of it as cheese. It's not ready so quickly, but overtime it matures and develops perfectly.
Nobody will see how broken you are.
Until it's too late.
I need you.
I miss you.
I love you. 


Stay with me       

youre all i need    

This aint love     

its so clear to see   

  but I dont care.              


Stay strong and be yourself
When everything goes wrong,
Stay calm,
Stay strong.
Love who you are!

No else can be what you have been to me.
You know I love you mama.Loving you is like food to my soul. 
From your lips she drew the hallelujah...
Maybe there's a god above,
but all I've ever learned from love,
was how to shoot at somebody who outdrew you.
It's not a cry that you hear at night.
It's not somebody that's seen the light!
It's a cold and it's a broken hallelujah. 
Baby, Now that you're gone.
By Christine Vega
ow that you're gone im empty. Now that you're gone i'm nothing. Now that I hide who I am, From myself and everyone else. I Am scared. Yes. I said it. Im full of fear. Fear of who I could have been. To hold your precious petals in my arms, so delicate also so fragile. Like a thin disk of glass. But I'd shelter you from harm. I let my insecurities determine your fate. I let my fear take control, now your existence feels fake. Sorry I wasnt ready. It was by mistake. Not that you were the mistake, just that the choices I made to lead up to your beginning and ending, those were the mistakes! I take the blame on myself. Daddy doesn't blame me. Do you? Could you?
It's been so long since I heard your voice.
I remember you being my neighbor on Collins street.
dog Pete would always bark and scare me.
time, when I was very younge, I had a concert in my school..
t I got sick so you picked me up early.
I remember when we were in my aunts house on A street, 
I was singing A THOUSAND YEARS. for a contest at this church URBAN HOPE.
The next year I sung TALKING TO THE MOON for the next contest. 
I los
t both, but you kinda got mad. You felt that i deserved to win.
You always said I can be famous!
I ca
n go to America's got talent, American idol, ect.
I mi
ss you so much grandma.
Why did Cancer have to take you away!?!!?!
I h
ave to keep singing in your honor.
I lo
ve you
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