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It's hard to swin
in a world so shallow

Heya :))
Elle <---- Thats my name , don't wear it out ;)
I'm 14 years young and I'm from Liverpool in England

I'm your average teenage loser really :)

I either dress really really girly , or like a hobo who hasn't washed in 5 years .... There isnt really a middle ground.

I'm not passionate about many things , but the things I am literally take over my life.
I couldnt live without my music. I'm a singer , songwriter , guitarist , pianist , drummer and I play the saxophone .... badly ;)
Mainly into alternative  and rap .... So if you know any good bands/artists comment :D

I'm a boxer , midfield in football and I play netball :)

Love giving advice , so if you need me i'm pratIally always here

So yeah ..... *awkward*

Don't be shy to comment , I don't bite ;) really :D

Elle x

Dont let the bastards get you down ;) StayStrong <3


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Guess who has a date to prom ?

New Tumblr URL:

Comment your URL or follow me and I'll follow back

Elle x

Finally got the courage to post more YouTube videos

Here's me live tonight :

Would be nice to have some feedback so please watch and comment , it would mean the world to me

Person: Can you move ? You're blocking the view
Me: I am the view


It doesn't matter what race you are...

What you're a fan of ...

Or what your sexual preferance is,

Because I hate everybody no matter what

So what if I don't have a boyfriend?
I have a witty. And food.

I'm actually a really nice person
Under the part of me that hates everybody....


i'm  a pathetic  excuse  of  person...

“The quiet scares me 'cause it screams the truth.”


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RIP Framing Matthew

Gone but never forgotten