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I'm just waiting
for my Tony Stark
Hello, I'm obsessed with the Hunger Games

 you can call me Mrs. Stark (Because I love Tony Stark)
Wierd right? Well you can thank my mum. Well, I love to read. I'm an animal lover. I have two dogs. I like all types of music, but here's a few of my favorites of the top of my head. Frank Sinatra, Hot Chelle Rae, Taylor Swift, Parmore, Adele. Lady Gaga. and I can't think of anymore. :/ I really don't a have a favorite type of music, it depends on the song.
I like Peacocks alot. Serorlsly coolest. animal. ever. I say Dude alot. If you pop up in my notifications, I'll probally check you out, 'cause I'm a stalker like that. I play Volleyball. I love that freakin' sport (even though I'm terrible)
If you want to get on my bad side, diss the president. I hate it when people do that, I mean seriously COULD you do any better? Yeah, no. I really like social studies and art. I'm a trombone player. I'm a demacrate surrounded by redneck repulicans... -_-
I support same sex marriage
I'm a green belt in Tang Soo Do but I haven't done it in forever on an accout of I moved so my skills are a little rusty...
I have dry humor and please don't take it offensivly...
I love assassin's creed. It's my favorite video game.

I'm in love with JOSH HUTCHERSON
My favorite actor/actress is of course, Josh Hutcherson, that one girl from Leap Year (I'm terrible with names...), and Robert Downey Jr.(this is dude is a mother fucking stud!), and Marilyn Monroe
My favorite movies are Titanic, My Week With Marilyn, The Tale of Despereaux, Hunger Games, Star Wars, Iron Man, basically all the Mavel movies.
I'm a nerd when it comes to comic book super heros...
I want to become a neurologist when I grow up (Psh... me grow up?) I want to go to Harvard Medical school or John Hopkins. I trying become an actress though...
I'm not one of those girls that's always in "love". I really don't date. But there is that one guy... :)
Ummm... My favorite telivison show is Life After People, CSI (the Las Vegas one!), SpongeBob Squarepants.
I really like technology, I kinda want to work with Robots when I'm older too. I'm have very high ambintions and get disipointed easily. I don't have many friends (Yes, forever alone). Recentlly my "Best friend" bacck stabed me and I'm not over it yet. I'd rather have a really really really close friend verus tons of friends. I really don't get out much.. ;). Sometimes I'm in a party mood, but most of the time I'm on the internet petting my 72 cats. Nahh, I'm kidding you about the 72 cats part. I only have 63. Ahh sorry I did it again. :0. No really, I don't have any cats. ;/ My birthday is July 17 (my birthday twin is Bee) That makes me Cancer the crab. I love the stars. For some reason I just love looking up at them. I love swiming even though I don't get to do it often. I love the internet! I'm very very pale.. -_-

I freakin obsessed with my nails. You'll never see me (because we meet over the internet...) without nail polish on.
Sorry this is so long, and I know most of you won't read it but, for those stalkers, thanks for reading! And if you have any questions just ask!

Welcome to my profile

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I haven't been on Witty activly for almost a year and I come on here and I'm like



sombody should talk to me, because I need someone to talk to.


So all of my friends and classmates are going on this trip to Disney World for a almost a week and I couldn't go because my family couldn't afford a $1,000+ trip. So while everybody else is riding rollercoasters, I'm packing up my stuff to move and babysitting my five siblings. To people who say money doesn't buy happiness, how would you feel in this sitution?



On Monday this little girl, Mikhaila Palmer I knew died during an opperation. She had cancer not only once, but twice. The whole community supported her. They had a thing called Team Mikhaila for her. 
I knew there was a chance she'd die, but she'd already had an opperation before and she survived that. 
She died on the opperating table. She had a blood clot in her brain. I don't know too much and I wasn't that close to her but it still bothers me and I usally don't get worked up about this stuff.
I guess the thing that bothers me the most is how young she was. Just 12 years old. Probally never had her first kiss before, and she never can now. She had her whole life ahead of her. I couldn't imagine going through what she was at 12. All those treatments. It's sad.
I know another girl named Mikhailia (let's call her Mikhailia F.) and I just can't help thinking, why not Mikhailia F.? Why? 


how do you know?
do you really
get butterflies in
the pit of your stomic 
when you see him?
does electricity
everytime you touch?
is every waking second you're 
seperated from him feel like

Gosh, would someone just tell me what these feelings I have for him mean? 

What does it feel like to be in love?
Are the sympotoms all the same?
I'm just so confused..

yet I feel so sure.

Does that make sense?


format jimmy365


Yesterday I volunteered,
at my local animal shelter.



Me researching about learning styles for my science fair project...
hmmm it says here that learning styles don't exsit. There goes 8 hours of worthless research...

Then I come up with another brilliant idea!
3 hours later...




'- - - - - - - - - - > l i g h t   b l u e

{ BUT IT'S «

/ / + n o t  t h s a m e  w i t h o u t   you



My graduatian speech..
F*ck you, f*ck you, f*ck you, you're cool, f*ck you, I'm out


What I remember
most about Lego
Bulding according to instructions
Bulding whatever the hell I wanted
trying to find that one piece
Screaming in agony after
steping on a Lego