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I'm an artfreak.
but Im on varsity swim team
I am full of contradictions
I always have an opinion.
I plan on being a special education teacher.
 I moved alot growing up.
and i still have friends all over the world.
Despite that, I am a country girl at heart
im in love(:
My best friends get me through life
especially Kayleigh-Marie, Shelby, Brian and Zack
you're all beautiful.
dont ever forget it(:
btw thats me on the left up there ^^

Quotes by ClaraBelle404

The literary genius that is John Green.
Yes, the author.
Just texted me.
My life is complete. 

Sometimes I just don't like people.

The best advice I can give you about boys... Forgive them, they are insecure in a sea of machismo and often figure it out too late...
I know this isn't pretty
but my best friend's mom 
thought she was having a stroke 
and was put in the hospital,
I haven't heard anything since
so please, keep her in your thoughts
or prayers. just please. 
I need him, and he needs her. 
Have a heart <3
So, I want a witty best friend! Any one up for it?
I'm a junior.
I love to paint.
I love to listen to music.
Music is my life. Literally.
I sing.
My favourite colour is blue. 
I'm madly in love with a boy and he loves me too.
But its long distance so we arent together.
Sometimes I have trouble getting my point across. 
I lived all over the world growing up.
Im told I give good advice.
and yeh (:

So I have a learning disability.
It makes it really hard for me to learn in school. 
It is called
Selective Learning Disability
or SLD 
And it means I only learn things
That are easily understood.

came to me in math class.(: hope you like

I Am A Kid
and that's all I will ever be
if you don't let me be more 


I am a kid sitting in a familiar house
 One that I could draw for you with my eyes closed
Except, this house
this house is everything but familiar to me
I feel like
I'm just that guest
staying in the room upstairs to the right
The person you can yell at and feel no regret
I am a kid
who can't get her words out fast enough
Afraid that if she doesn't say the right thing,
No one will listen
let alone hear her
I am a kid
determined to do the right thing... Always
But somehow takes a wrong turn... Somewhere
I am a kid
who's childhood is twice broken
Shattered into a million pieces
Left to pick them all up
All by herself
I'm that kid
But I'm also a kid...
That can be so much more than what you see
I am... could be...

If you'll only just let me


holdergirl13 creds for words

Last night
I was getting ready for a party,
my fourteen year old younger brother
walks in while I was putting on makeup
and straightening my hair.
He said, "that looks like it hurts, do it on me!".
So I did,
and he said
"I'm glad I'm not a girl, it hurts to be one".

It was reassuring to know at least one of the male species halfway gets it :)

i know it not pretty i didn't have time...

I Might Regret
Some Things I Say
I Might Regret 
Some Things I Do
But I Will Never Regret

Standing Up For What I Believe In