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Quotes by Clarice

"If I told you that you were beautiful for every time you were, I simply wouldn't have time for anything else."
Dear God,

Please help me win,
but if I can't win
help me be brave
in the attempt.


Dear Students with birthdays from September to May,

     What's it like having your 

friends decorate your locker

for your birthday?


Students with birthdays from June to August

It's not where you start, it's where you finish.

      It's not how you go, it's how you land.

             A hundred to one shot, they call you a clutz.

                  You can outrun the favorites, all you need is the guts!

                         The final turn will not deminish,

                                And you can be the cream of the crop!

                                        It's not where you start, it's where you finish,

                                                  And I'm gonna finish... 

on top!



That moment
when you are tired of reading quotes that begin with the words
    “That moment”...
Just remember, all those painful comments bullies aim towards you, and sacrifices you make for the idiots in your life may seem distressing now, but what it does in the long run is place
another gem on the
crown you'll wear in


~ and the day is yours ~

A bad workman
blames his tools


Negative people look at the glass half empty;

 While postive people look at the glass half full;

Honestly, you should just be  thankful that you even have a glass.


friend: remember that time when we did that thing on that one day?

me: ohhh, yeah man. And then the thing we did after.

friend: that thing got pretty crazy.

anyone else?