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Here goes nothing...

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I'm going to be different, and have
the bigger text
At the bottom. 


Dear my followers,

I'm making a new witty and I won't be using this
one as much, but I probably will still use it a little bit...
not sure. I hope you'll follow my new account! the username
is clayotomatoe (YES THERES SUPOSSED
TO BE AN E AT THE END!) thanks for following me on this


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everyone can

find l o v e

Some people just dont try hard enough to find it.
I can't wait,
to see the look on his face
when I tell him I want to join the military.

(   .   )(   .  )

95% of you thought they were boobs
4% of you thought they were eyes
1% of you thought it was a lobster wearing a cowboy hat
scissor-kicking a peice of paper.

I guess we'll never know what it really is.


Format by Sandrasaurus

If you're tall, you're made fun of.
If you're short, you're made fun of.
If you're skinny, you're made fun of.
If you're fat, you're made fun of.

Society, make up your mind.

Going to the bathroom

                   At a friend's house, and

comparing it to yours.

Mine allways wins ;)

Format by Sandrasaurus

Dear Dad,
You allways get so upset when I stay in my room, When im on my computer for a long time. And whenever you give me those looks you do when you open my door to find me sitting with my computer, they make me feel like your ashamed of me. Like your not proud of me... I feel as if you dont love me as much as my brother. Im not good at sports...Im not exactly good at anything. I feel like I'm not the person you want me to be, and it crushes me. I want to be who you want me to be...But I just can't. Ive told you I've felt like this before, sort've, And you said you didnt feel that way...But its obvious you do. Im just...not good enough, I guess. ._.

20 ♥'s and I'll tell him everything I just said.

Just Keep Swimming♥