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Hi .  I'm  Al i .  

 I'm 15 years old.

Well, I love animals. I love music. My favorites are [
All Time Low, Panic! at the Disco, Mayday Parade, Taylor Swift, Keith Urban, and Tim McGraw]

I draw. If you want to see my drawings, visit

I hope you like my quotes and profile!

Coast2Coast's Favorite Quotes

The human brain is amazing.
It functions 24 hours a day from the time we were born,
and only stops when we take an exam or fall in love.
“Nothing is really work unless you would rather be doing something else.”
— J.M. Barrie

Time's racing
>>> (Please slow down)<<<
-I've got to find my way out-
I'm hopeless
>>>(But hoping)<<<
My lungs won't fail me now

'Cause I'm still breathing

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family: you're always on your computer
me: well ur always on my nerves

mom: brianna, why is there a guy climbing up to your balcony?
me: he's my romeo coming to find his juliet.
me: just kidding call the cops.

there's nothing poetic about tearing apart your skin
at 3 am
in desperation to feel something

there's nothing beautiful about wanting to
end your life
at the young age you are

depression is not beautiful
nor poetic

it's agonizing
and disturbing
how it creeps up on someone
and slowly consumes them


* on 20th wedding anniversary * So do you like me, or do you like like me? .-.

"Did you know that your grandmother was the most
beautiful woman I have ever known in this world?
The instant I laid eyes on her, I knew that I would
never love another. I walked straight up to her,
took her hand, and I asked her to marry me."

"Wow. And she said yes?"

"No. No, she punched me." he smiled dreamily.

                             "But I swore that I would never give up."


Things tsay/do ttelemarker;

"I'm blind, could you repeat that?"
(Speak with perfect English) "I don't speak English, sorry!"
Say "Want to hear a cool noise?" Then hang up.
"My grandma fell off a cliff last week, don't you even care?!" Then hang up.
Act real interested, then at then end tell them no thanks and hang up.
Try to sell THEM something.
Pick up the phone and say "It's completed, but there's blood everywhere."
"Hello, this is the local spe.rm bank. You jack it we pack it! How may we help you?"


the idea of wearing jeans that are not skinny jeans terrifies me now i can’t remember what i used to do with all that extra space around my ankles