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Directioner . Vamper . Belieber . Simpsonizer . Lovatic . So, 5 boys made my life. Harry , Liam , Niall , Zayn & Louis! Follow me? Simple But Effective. Follow my twitter. @HarryStylesLad -Christina
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         Please read.

I worked really hard on this fanfic.. and i would love it if you guys went and faved it! Make a account and i'll read your fanfics too. Please fave it i only did 2 chapters so far, but i worked on the 2nd chapter for like 4 hours. Directioners show other fellow directioners. If you aren't a directioner, can you still read it? :)
If you read it and fave it.. I Love You ♥ No lie. Here is the link!!

First of all everyone has a opinion so they either respect them or they don't. I myself am not a fan of haylor. I am a directioner. I haven't sent her any hate. I actually love her music. You are going way too far if you are sending her hate. People on twitter even started a trend threatening to unfollow harry... Okay, you fans saying you will stop being a fan because of haylor, please leave. We need directioners in this family not fans. And who are you to tell someone who they can and can not love? You most likely won't be dating harry anyways so why can't you just let him be happy?
This is my opinion and i hope you respect what i have to say.

You make me smile. When i'm around you my heart beats fast. Butterflies go crazy in my stomach.

And i'm probably just a Friend to you.


I just want to find someone who will love me.. for me.


You say you

love Me?


 Then act

     like you D


One day i'll tell my grandchildren that i survived the end of the world 5 times.



 You Are beautiful.
Stay Strong. I know sometimes you feel like nobody cares, but trust me so many people do care. There will be bad days, but you'll have some good one's also. Are you being bullied? Stand up for yourself and show them you are stronger then they will ever be. Are you insecure? Look in the mirror everyday and tell yourself your beautiful you'll realize it's true. Do you feel alone? Your not i promise so many teenagers feel this way.
Society has really messed things up. Us girls wantt to look like models, and singers on magzines. We feel we have to be perfect and if were not we feel worthless.
just remember you truely are beautiful and you are NOT worthless. keep smiling live your life to the fullest.

Give Your Heart A break...
If a girl admits that she likes you, know that it took every ounce of courage in her to say that. Don't take her for granted.
When you're in bed and you can't sleep so you just lay there making mental movies of things you want to happen.