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Well hi there. My name is Colleen. I'm 13 years young. I blow out the candles on February 12th. Yes, I consider myself a '90s child and I don't think I'm too young for witty. I am in love with music, witty, softball, texting, One Direction and my hilarious, amazing friends. I stink at singing and I hate mustard. Everyone has a story? That's true. Mine? I am madly in love with two guys I've never even met. Their names and Austin Mahone and Harry Styles. Anyway, I'm really friendly and I love talking to everyone! Comment something and we could be best friends! Hit the follow button and I swear I'll love you forever. I'll follow you back too!

Quotes by Colleen_Mary

I don't build a wall to block everyone out
but to see who really loves me enough to climb over it.
which is no one....

There are billions of people
in this world, 
And one person can still manage to make you feel like you don't even deserve to be breathing
I don't regret my past;
I just regret the time I've wasted with the wrong people.
Don't spend your life waiting on the sidelines, get in the game!


Life is full of secrets and lies,
so when you get screwed over, don't act surprised




no   girl   should   ever   forget

that she doesn't need anyone, who doesn't need her.
There are three C's in life 
 Choice, chance, change.
You     must     make    the     choice     to     take      a     chance
if     you     want     anything     to     change


Don't tell me nothing matters.
 Everything matters. I know there's an entire world that cares out there,
hiding behind a world that doesn't

Only you can be you and,
I can only be me </3



Anyone else think it looks like a
dude drowning in water?


if you want me in your life
 put me there

I shoudn't have to fight for a spot

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