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Well hi there. My name is Colleen. I'm 13 years young. I blow out the candles on February 12th. Yes, I consider myself a '90s child and I don't think I'm too young for witty. I am in love with music, witty, softball, texting, One Direction and my hilarious, amazing friends. I stink at singing and I hate mustard. Everyone has a story? That's true. Mine? I am madly in love with two guys I've never even met. Their names and Austin Mahone and Harry Styles. Anyway, I'm really friendly and I love talking to everyone! Comment something and we could be best friends! Hit the follow button and I swear I'll love you forever. I'll follow you back too!

Quotes by Colleen_Mary

I am....
Tired of trying,
Sick of crying,
Yeah I'm smiling,
But inside I'm dying.


Iyoasked, mhoI'doin',
I would say I'm doin' just fine,
I would lie say that you're not on my mine,
But I go out, And I sit down, At a table set for two,
Ant finally I'm forced to face the truth,
No matter what I say,
I'm not over you.



So how 'bout you start

studying her heart, stop studying
her booty. Or maybe invest the same
amount of time in her that you do in
call of duty. What makes you think
you can get this girl and all of a sudden
get naughty? You should have to touch
her heart and her mind first before you

ever toucher body.


how do you
always know what to say?

 how do you
always put me in my place?

how do you
always light up my face?

I was in a hurry
'til you came and knocked me off my feet

Who would have thought
that you'd be mine?



I find it hard to trust not only me but everyone around me
because of you, I am afraid


Do you know what you did to me?

you hurt me, you played me,
you made me think I could trust you.
Well, now I'm broken, and it's all your fault
your going to regret that

watch out


I can't trust anyone

when I do, I'll tell them everything, then a few days later everyone knows my secrets
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