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Quotes by ColorMekalea

Things change.
Friends leave.
Relationships end.
& Life doesn’t stop for anyone.

& Tonight We'll walk around this town
Like we own the streets
We'll scream to the world our names.
Because in our minds, this night

Manever end.<3

With Friendship..  
It doesn't matter how long you've
known each other or how many fights
you've been in what really matters is
who said they would always be there for you..
& Then proveit.  

Don't walk away..
If there is even the slightest chance
that you might turn around and run back..

Into his open arms.
 I was born..
  To be stubborn, a little bit bitchy, to annoy people.
   I was taught.. 
      To never take life for granted, to love with my entire heart, to live a little, to never give up, to believe in  myself, to  fight for myself. <3

My Friends
They are beautiful.
Personalities? incredible.
Our times together?
Smiles, so memorable.
Their friendship?

 ♥ ♥ irreplaceable. ♥ ♥

Youl never find a    
 girl    who   loves 
 you more than me. 

A frienis someone
Who understand what your saying
Evewhen your not talking.
If tomorrow your still just a friend
I'll stay up until

11:00 Again
Mary Marie Fitzwater.<3