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Hello, my name's Britni.

I'm just like any other 12 year old girl, I guess you can say.
I talk alot, yell alot, scream alot & act like a 3 year old alot.

I've been going through a rough time latley with all the stress of my
parents seperating, money issues ect. So I joined this website because
I saw I could relate with alot of you guys. All the girls at school, their lifes
seem so perfect. But when I came here, I realised that I wasn't the
only one. And it turns out quotes can make your day lighten up.

So I'd just like to say thank you to all you amazing witty girls out there.


Quotes by ColourMyWorld


Jockers Can SMD


  That awkward moment;
when your watching the Royal Wedding with your mum and Pippa links arms with Prince Harry and you yell at the television "You better get your hands of my man guurl."


Fave if reading this hurts your eyes.

Please Read.
My name is Britni, I'm 12 years old. 2 months ago I had my belly button pierced. A few weeks ago an article featured on the front page of our local newspaper. It stated that the place I had my belly button pierced has been using unsterile equipment giving 7 people Hepatitis B & C. Hepatitis is a blood and liver disease. Hepatitis A is the lest severe of the disease and can be cured with little treatment, But Hepatitis B & C can lead to death. Ever since I have had my belly button pierced, I have been seriously run down. I have had Impetigo which is a infection where you get a sore on your skin and if you touch it then touch another piece of skin you get another sore and the cycle goes on. Also I have had Thrush and UTI's whuch are very uncommon at my age. I have also been very sleepy and getting lots of infections. In a few weeks I will be getting a blood test to see if I have Hepatitis. It makes me physically sick that people would risk other innocent peoples lives just to make money.

Fave if you read the whole thing & if you care.
Comment with Support and your Thoughts.
Thank You.

Bye Witty,
I'm gonna go eat.


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Eating the icing
& leaving

the cake.


My typical Saturday night?

w w w . o m e g l e . c o m

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Why is everyone staring at me?
OLIVIA: Uh, Britni, you're eating your soup with a fork.

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