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Hello thee! You're amazing & beautiful. (:
I'm complementgirl. Basically what I do is,
complement you, and help you with problems and such.
I'm going to stay unkown to everyone,
for a while.
After I talk to you for a while,
yhan you can ask for my facebook,
or other witty account. (:
I'm here to make EVERYONES day better :D
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Quotes by Complementgirl_xoxo

If you're happy & you know it,
Clap your hands!

Pfff, whos happy now days? (;
I love how I'm here to be nice and people criticize me (:
Do you think….;
You’re ugly?
You’re fat?
You’re not good enough?
You don’t fit in?
Everyone talks about you?
That you don’t have anyone?

Well guess again;
You’re gorgeous(:
You’re not fat, so you have curves. Guys like them (;
You’re good enough, maybe not for some person, but for someone else you mean the world to them.. You may not fit in where you’re at, but some where, in this world, you will fit in with some body. And who cares about fitting in, be yourself (:
So what, some people talk about you. Doesn’t mean everyone does.
You’re wrong, you have me (:
Hello, I'm complementgirl (:
I complement you on anything and everything I think is amazing about you (:
Theres so many nagitive people out there so this inspired me to be positive. ;D
If you are going through a hard time or something is wrong, comment on my profile.
I don't know you & you don't know me, so why say anything we talk about? ;p
People hurt my feelings so much in my past, so I'm trying my hardest to change that for other people ((:
You are Beautiful,
No matter what they say,
'Cause words can't bring me down! (;
You really are beautiful, EVERYONE is in there own way :D
You're ALL amazing, and beautiful.
Don't ever let anyone tell you different(: