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Hello thee! You're amazing & beautiful. (:
I'm complementgirl. Basically what I do is,
complement you, and help you with problems and such.
I'm going to stay unkown to everyone,
for a while.
After I talk to you for a while,
yhan you can ask for my facebook,
or other witty account. (:
I'm here to make EVERYONES day better :D
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Complementgirl_xoxo's Favorite Quotes

Knowing you'd be lost without your best friend;
GuitarKase  ♥


 i'll realize I loved you too much.
But maybe you'll realize,
that you didn't love me enough.


This quote does not exist.
You call me saying I'm you true love, & you made a mistake breaking up with mee. & you wanna go back outt, but you have a girlfriendd. Then, u run off & tell the ugly hoee, the conversation, but u leave your part out so u don't get caughtt. So it makes it seem like I'm a little stupid whoree.? Yeahh, far from itt. I'm over thiss, deleting you numberr

Here's a random idea,
Just out of the blue.
How about you fall for me,
As hard as I fell for you?



I don't think I'm beautiful.

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