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The name is Keisha.

LaLaLa Lovee:
-Justin Bieber
-Demi Lovato
-Selena Gomez

~ Life is crazy as usual. School, Drama, Friends, Boys, Heartache, Tears ...


but gotta love it ...

Favourtie Quote of All Time By 
Justin Bieber<3

"A real man knows that you {don't}
need a holiday to treat a girl
s p e c i a l.
For the right girl you should make 
every day feel like Valentine's Day."

-Justin Bieber - Profile Counters

Quotes by ConfusedHeart777

Me + You=

Me -You= :(

You - Me=??

 You  Never  Think  You  Measure  Up
never  smart ,  cool ,  or  pretty  enough
always  feeling  
different   from  all  the  rest
you  feel  so  out  of  place ,  you  think  you  don't  
F  I  T    I  N
i  think  you're  perfect  in  the  skin  you're  in

 You're  amazing  just  the  way  you are.

A real man knows
that you {dont}
need a holiday
to treat a girl
s  p  e  c  i  a  l
For the right girl
you would make
everyday feel like


-Justin Bieber




 you'll never change
the game that you play
it's just who you are
And I just have to believe
it's you and not me

Cuz I'm in love with a

Boy  Without  A  Heart  .


I'm getting tired of trying to fit your
d e s c r i p t i o n 

of that girl ,

She's so B A R B I E 
She's so fiction




You look at me and think, 

"shes so happy"


but there's so much that you

will never know.


  When you know the world like she does , it's a shame .
She hides beneath her beauty to escape all the pain.


I  sit  around  &&  listen  to  everyone  else's  love 

stories,  &&  I'm  thinking  to  myself, 

                             "Where's mine?"


You see him in the hall,
Buut you look away, pretending you didn't see.
You pretend you didn't purposely smell his cologne, and that it didn't bring back all the memories you worked so hard at
to forget.
The way it felt when he hugged you, and you felt safe.
And the way it felt when he kissed you, and you felt like nothing could go wrong. Those days where he would surprise you, && you thought he was the greatest guy you knew.

But now, you just look away, && pretend it's not hurting you.


A little girl at a wedding ,
after words asked her mother why the bride changed her mind.

"What do you mean?" responded her mother.

"Well she went down the aisle with one man, && came back with another !!!" the little girl said.