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"Sometimes, we are like stars. We fall to make someones wish come true."


Quotes by ConsciousStars

If you were happy with the wrong one,
just imagine how happy you will be with the right one.


     Do you ever just refuse to go to bed
     Because that means tomorrow's going to happen?

Will there be food?
K. I'll come.

I wish cake went straight to my boobs.
I wonder how cops on bikes arrest people?
"Alright, now get in the basket."
I've always wanted to send a message in a bottle.
"Be strong"
I whispered to my wifi signal.

77% of girls think they're ugly.

100% of girls AREN'T. 


Am i the only one who sits in the car when it rains, picks a raindrop, and cheers for it to beat all the other ones to the bottom?
I prefer not to think before I speak.
I like being just as surprised as everyone else by what comes out of my mouth.