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Hey , im grace . i have been hurt a lot , and i love to go on here and find quotes that explain exactly what has happened to me through these past couple of years [: . im a wonderfull girl to talk to and very funny if you get to know me , i live in minnesota . im 14 years young and my birhtday is August 13th 1996 ! haha .  I LOVE WITTY , eminem , brokencyde , batman , chocolate , boys , music, familyy , friends , NEW PEOPLE , facebook , texting , Minnesota Wild , Minnesota Twins [: , Hockey , baseball , SOCCER ,  and much more ! talk to me people ♥

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Kso, listen up b*tches. There is an organization called 'To Write Love On Her Arms'. Heard of it? Maybe, maybe not. It's about trying to help people to stop cutting and harming themselves. It's terrible, trust me, I've been there too many times. There are t-shirts, wristbands, and tons of other sponsors trying to promote it. Have heart, love it the movement. Join now, you might just save a life. Look it up on Hot Topic to buy merchandise or visit their website for more information, thank you so much.

To Write Love On Her Arms
Never, in your life, be afraid
to take a chance;
You'll either get what you fought for,
or something better.

I understand that girls 
are talking behind my back. But the thing is,
I'm real.  
that's something


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it's impossible

to be bored with your

best friend.
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I'm the kind of girl 

That can say she's okay at the end of the day.

But I'm not the kind of girl 

That can mean it 


I got the letter: B
-Something I like: Balloons!
-Something I don't like: Barney.
-Something I love: Black nail polish.
-Something bad: Boomboxes. (Lol.)
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