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The name is Kali :)!. 18 years young!. Senior!. Bestfriends are Tia, Alysha, Angelica, Amber, and Katie!. Family is my everything. Hot sauce is the addiction. Color Guard is life. I plan to attend Lock Haven University in the fall to major in High School History Teaching/Special Education. This site has saved my life. Without witty, I would probably still be depressed, still be cutting, and still have bulimia. So ThankYou

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I was fine.
Two whole years without a single cut...
Then he broke me.
No, my wrist is completly sliced
Life begins at the end of your comfort zone <3!. 

I can honestly say I am finally comfortable going out side my room in...
No Make up
Messy Hair


I finally got my kiss in the rain. <3

Katie is the one whom I can always talk to.
Angelica makes sure life never gets boring.
Alysha never lets me feel unloved.
Amber always understands.
Austin always makes me remember my goals.
Tia is always making me smile.
Mickey never lets me go a day without a hug.
Trevor knows just the right things to say when I need them.
Kalea always has my back.
Rebecca is the one who always listens to what I have to say.
Jade helps me make sense of things.   

For The Past Week I Have Felt Like He Doesn’t Care The

For The Past Week
I Have Felt Like He Doesn’t Care
Then I check his Face Book
+& I Read An Email ToHis Friend
He Said
I Am The One
< 3  

Me: Awe So Cute! (Referring to a Baby)
Him: I know you are.
Me: I was talking about that baby and no I’m not.
Him: You’re right.
Me: *Sad Face*
Him: You’re not cute…
Youre Beautiful


Hahaha ...  you have to know us to get it!