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It sucks,
because I have really high expectations for boys,
and I look the way I do.


f o r m a t  j i m m y 3 6 5 n m q!
July 4th, 1776

Britain: I just lost 13 followers wtf
Fact: you see yourself 7x more pretty than you really are.
Me: just when i thought i couldn't get any uglier
I actually enjoy being alone
It's feeling alone that I have a problem with
guys: bros before hoes.
girls: foods before dudes
Picking up my kid from school in 25 years:

me: yo shawty, leggo
kid: mom, please not this again
me: stop being a hater. yolo
kid: you're embarassing me
me: swag


                                           your car has a Tennessee license plate on it..


I used to laugh at Plankton because he was married to a computer.
But now I pretty much am Plankton.


I Would Love to Meet
the teenage version of my parents...


Your  motto  may  be  YOLO
But  mine  will  forever  be 
Hakuna Matata..