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ohmygod, i haven't been on in a while.

i love my friends so much, they mean the world to mee. vvv
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and this is my cousin, he means the world to me. v<3
i look like a ghost but whatevrrr.
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okay hi ~
im victoria. andddddddddddd i like food ok yeaaah bye. <3
talk tew me.
oh, and those pictures arent edited ok. ok bye.c:

Quotes by Cookiesareyummyx3

you know what isn't fair?
just because some quotes aren't as "pretty" as others,
doesn't mean it shouldn't be a top quote.
and has anyone ever noticed how most of the guys quotes are top quotes?
people who have been on witty for 2 days.
when people like me have been on for over a year.
when are our thoughts gonna be shared to everyone?
oh that's right,
Senior: Will you go to prom with me?

 I'm a freshman who just rejected you.


is it just me or
when you're having a bad day, do you scroll through all the top quotes to make you laugh?

You're all ruining our lives.

Valentine's Day.
it can go 2 ways.
1- it's the best day of your life. your crush asks you out. you find out you have a secret admirer. you get candy from someone you didn't expect to get it from. someone tells you they love you. and mean it. you find a present in your locker from someone. you find out your best friend is in love with you.
2- it's how it goes for the 98% of us.

it sucks.

i'm done with you.
i'm done with your lies.
so now is it time for me to say goodbye?

Is it just me or
Tcan that ONE guy/ girl say something to you & just completely ruin your day?

Format by Sandrasaurus

I feel like
i'm being played.