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Hey im Courtney,
age; im almost 16. (:
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Quotes by CourtneyMeg

So my heart
and stops
but no big deal,
It's only my heart
whats that good for anyway?
i mean
it only keeps me alive.....


sorry everyone i just need to vent.



so i'm not talking to my dad now... mum has actually told me not to; hard not to when we leave in the same house? hard not to when things happen when i don't but yet things will happen when i do. i swear it doesn't matter what i do everything i do is wrong!




I've looked up plane tickets... all i want to do is get out of here...


and what scares me is thaat it has gotten to this point; the point that i actually want to move and even have looked up plane tickets...


the thing is when i leave i dont know where i'd go from whever i end up and i have no idea where i'd live...

Why do i always get myself into these messes... :(

Someone just said they loved me...
As in they are in love with me...
I'm like in shock...

when you start talking to someone on witty and you instantly click with them... best feeling....

when you click with someone but they live to far away... worst feeling...

Just heard the front door open and my mum yell out "hey Meg" i open my door and find my dad is home from hospital early. (:He looks broken but at least he is home..

When you realise you can't live without him...
and he doesn't even care
he can't see
he can't see what you feel for him
he can't work out why you look at him
then he smiles at you
and your heart stops.....
you don't know what to do..
options are running through your head...:
do i smile back? ignore him? shake my head at him like he does to me? just say hey?
and while all this was running through your head
he turned away
walked away.

Does this happen to anyone?


My friend; one of my best friends wants to commit suicide... i can't live without him... :(
Death is peaceful.
Life is hell.
Death is easy.
Life is hard.
You can drift in death.
You drown in life.
I'd much rather hate then love.
You can hide from love in hate.
Hate welcomes you.
Love warns you.
Love is an illusion.
Hate makes the world go around.