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Elo i am Christa I am 13 years young. I live in the lovely state of Wisconsin.
(+) One Direrction, Little mix, Kitkat929m, Myself, Mustard, Swag Lammacorns, Unicorns,Katy Perry. 
(-) School, Homework, my parents, Teachers, having the flu
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Quotes by CrazyChrista

i hate going to the dentist. i already know the drill.
Hey Flappy Bird, Lana Del Rey called. She wants her lips back.
What if soy milk is just regular milk that is just introducing himself im spanish? 
If you see someone texting while sledding, you have my permission to stab them with a candy cane.
Fudge is:
1) a delicious chocolate treat
2) what Willy Wonka screams when he stubs his toe
Its mah Birthday! :3
Please watch! Its me singing One Direction's Little Things. Tell me what you think!

How Do you feel when there is no coffee?
If there are ice cream trucks in the summer, why cant we have Starbucks trucks in the winter?
Life is short smile while you still have teeth.