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Hey it's hailey :)
and im here to be
to express my feelings

and even learn a bit:)
i love witty and respect all the girls
on here pouring their feelings out to eachother
it takes guts, so stop sippin' off the hatoradee !
i'm here to talk if you need anything..just leave me a comment
hope you enjoy what i have to offer :)

Dear witty girls,
live life to the fullest and don't let anyone tell you differently

you are all beautiful on the inside..and imperfection is beauty

don't take no for an answer and keep living your dreams

don't give up on love
im here for you
haileeeeeey :)


Quotes by CrazyLimeLover

" Some Girls Are Just Born Winners"
                         - Juicy Couture

I thought all my dreams came true... that is, till' the day i laid my eyes on you..

//// baby,
there is no " The End " because our book is still in the process of being written....


    |||||||||||||||||||||||                            ||||||||||||||||||||
day that we were driving in your car and you stared
at me till' i caught your gaze, when i yelled at you to keep your eyes on the road
and you told me i was more important,
when you finally burst out singing "Just The Way You Are" by Bruno Mars
smiling this irresistible smile at me,
when you made sure i knew that you dedicated that song to me, when
we sat in the high school parking lot for hours laughing and talking about absolutely nothing ?
yeah, well I'll never forget that day or any of the others (:

baby when did your eyes go so cold...?

&i knew it when,
i got in the passenger side of your car,
after arguing with you about not wanting you to see me a mess,
from crying all day, in my sweats, a bun on my head,
blood shot eyes and no makeup on, i knew it when you grabbed my hand and forced me to look at
you, so you could smile at me and say "you're beautiful and i don't care if you think you look a mess
because i have been just dying to see you all day."
& that's when i knew i loved you..


true story (:

You're The COLOR To My Black And White World...


You Were Worth The Fight.... But I Couldn't  Fight Forever...

 & just like that you were gone...</3