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Status;  You hurt me so fucking badly, but i still trust you. What's wrong with me?

maleaka monster.
yes, i love lady gaga. fuck yourself if you don't love her. yeaaaah;)
3 more years until  i get to finally meet him.
i don't like being judged, okay?
i'd walk the whole 1, 039 miles if i could. I cannot wait to meet you. Good things come to those who wait, right? well, it better because i'm waiting whole 3 years.
i'm not in the mood to write anymore about myself.
bai bbyz.

no matter how many times you fuck me over, I'll always make the mistake of staying in your life.
i'm scared that you might forget about me one day. but im even more scared that you'll forget our promise.

I constantly keep getting hurt...

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lol haven't been on here in forever...

Tomorrow makes 1 whole year i've been on witty.

but you lied to me.

3 more years...


i miss you.
a lot.
do you miss me?

You know you're in love with him when no matter how many times he hurts you, you'll always love him.
...But you promised

I don't have a reason to smile anymore...

He was
 my reason...

I told him i loved him;

He told me he liked me