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Hi! My name is Jenni. I'm 15 and I love All Time Low. I'm addicted to anime, mangas, music and the internet, so no social life for me! My favorite music bands are All Time Low, Nickelback, Boys Like Girls, Simple Plan, The All-American Rejects, Mayday Parade, My Chemical Romance, Framing Hanley, and The Script. I'm always on the look-out for more good music so if you've got any suggestions for bands, I'm happy to look into it.
I'm a HUGE otaku (Anime Nerds know what this is) I read Manga and watch Anime, I'm a big fan of Fairy Tail and Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood.

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Also, My favorite couples are Natsu x Lucy and 
Edward x Winry ~(^.^)~

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Now that you know me, please feel free to fave my quotes and follow me!
Now please enjoy some awesome anime GIFs.

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Quotes by AngelwithaSecret*

I wanna throw away my heels
Flush down my l'oreal
Burn my brands
I wanna put on black framed glasses
Wear baggy jeans
And put up my hair in a bun
I wanna get rid of my beauty
Long ago, at least sixty years from now, there was a man who visited Russia.
He visited one of the towns, and saw a cemetery. Curious, he went towards it and looked at the gravestones.
Of course, written on the gravestones were the numbers of years that the deceased had lived, but there was something odd about them. The gravestones said that the person lived 3 months. For each gravestone there was a different number. Either, 1 year, 2 years, even 3 weeks. The man was confused, if the dead were still just children, infants even, then who could have buried them? The man left the cemetery, still curious about the gravestones. When he left to the next town, he asked a local about his occurance at the cemetery. The local smiled and said "Those numbers don't represent the age of the person in his life before dying, but the number of happy moments that he'd experienced before leaving."  This goes to say that you shouldn't just live your life with moments of  breathing, but spending the rest of your life with moments that'll leave you breathless.   
Me: Dad, tell me a good joke.
Dad: Your mother's weight loss diet.
And that's the story of how my dad ended up spending the next two nights sleeping on the couch. 

"Excuse me sir, can I ask you a question?"
"I suppose you can't ask me an answer..." 

"What does this value represent? U or D?"
"Okay, D?"
"It represents R."

"So in all, gravity pulls all objects in one direct-............gravity pulls all objects in the same way which is downwards towards the center of the Earth."

*next day*
"Did everyone study for the quiz?"
*everyone in class nod*
"Alright, take out a blank paper and write the question please...the first question is...SYKE! No quiz! Now pull out your journals so we can continue our lesson."

"Do the homework because I'll be collecting them tomorrow and putting grades."
*next day*
"Alright everyone I'll see you on Thursday."
"Sir? Don't you want to collect the homework?
"What homework?" 

"Did everyone understand the explanation?
"Yes sir."
"Are there any questions? Are any of you scr
"No sir."
"Great. You're all scr

-My Physic's Teacher, ladies and gentleman.

"There's no such thing as a painless lesson...they just don't exist.
Sacrifices are can't gain anything without losing something first.
Although...if you can endure that
pain, and walk away from it...
you will find that you now have a heart
strong enough to overcome any obstacle.....yeah...
heart made fullmetal."

-Edward Elric
Crush Problems #1   

When you look at them you get butterflies in your stomach
and your mind goes blank. 
fav if you want me to continue.


So today, I was at a small cafe with my eldest bro and his friends,
and my brother was basically staring at this cute blonde with blue highlights.

She noticed it, so after a while she went up to our table, smiled at him, and said: 

"Boy can I tell you a wonderful thing?
I can't help but notice, you're staring at me.
I know I shouldn't say this, but i really believe,
I can tell by your eyes that you're in love with me."  

And my brother was confused 'cause her didn't understand the reference,
but he blushed anyway while his friends snickered.

He shook his head, saying that he liked her highlights.
She smiled at him, clearly understanding his confusion,
then left to pay her check and exited the cafe.
And I just stared at my brother in disbelief, and said
"You have just done a terrible thing"
he didn't get that, either 



I may like to be alone... 
but that doesn't mean I don't feel lonely
Me: *on Google Images Search*
Mom: *peeks over me* *pulls a confused face* What is that?!
Me: *looks at her* Those are kunais. (Google Image it)
Mom: *still confused* What?! What do they do?! Are you gonna wear them around your neck?! 
Me: Ummm, just because they have holes doesn't mean that I could thread a rope through it and wear it as an accessory...
Mom: Then why are you looking at them?!
Me: I have a very good and valid point.
Me: I'm being secretly trained to become a lethal ninja.

Me: They're cool-looking.
*sighs and shakes head*
Mom: *gives me the 'My teenage daughter is crazy' look* 

The door knob of my brother's bedroom door is missing,
And he's freaking out. 
It seems that he can't handle the situation