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hi,my name is Stefanie and im obssessed with witty(:
143;i lala love you!

Quotes by Crazyjbloverxo

Love begins with a smile (:
grows with a kiss :)
& ends with a teardrop <|3
" The only thing harder than letting go is holding onto something that isnt real"
" wasn't it beautiful when
you believed in everything,
and everyone believed in

" Spend life
with who makes
you happy..
not who you have

" We were meant to be, supposed to be, but we lost it"♥
" i wasn't asking for a four page
apology letter,
i just wanted you to know
what you put me through"
" Stand Up for what you believe in,
even if your standing alone"
What your man
don't know wont hurt him <3
You know you at the top,
when heavens only right above it:)
"Love who you are
or your hate who you become