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hi,my name is Stefanie and im obssessed with witty(:
143;i lala love you!

Quotes by Crazyjbloverxo

  When I Dream At Night
I Acctullay Live in A World
Where i Belong

 The First time you fall in love .
it changes your life forever,
& no matter how hard you try
it never goes away♥

when i met you my heart skipped a beat,
the sun became the moon,
&cold turned into heat,
Roses weren't red,
Violet's weren't blue
all because i fell in love with you.
you know that feeling when you look at him and think wow i love him but we're just friends.or maybe when he looks at her it hurt's so much sometimes when your in love with him & he's in love with her. you love everything about him and he loves everything about waisted all your 11:11 wishes on kept it in for so long.No one knows how it confused you. do you tell him you like him?or do you keep it in as usual?I'ts Confusing.

Or "it's complicated" is your answer when someone ask's you what's wrong.when you look at them together your eyes fill up with tear's.because you love him,you love him so much. Sometimes you just wish he knew♥
She Whisper's
Im afraid of falling
He smiles(:
i'll catch you♥
i'm selfish,impatient,& insecure.
 i make mistakes,i am out of contorl,
and at times hard to handle,but if you
can't handle me at my worst
then you don't deserve me at my

Three More Day's
untill i get to see
his beautiful

If you are in love♥

but i don't care what they say im in love with you
they try to pull me away but they don't know the tuth
I know we harldy know eachother.
But a girl know's when their
in love with somone when all
they can do is smile when
they see his face♥
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