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    Hello, I'm Charlotte. 
Since you're reading this, you wanna know bout me?
My name is Charlotte. like, duuuh.
I'm a eleven year old, blue eyed, brown haired sweet-heart.
I'll be turning twelve on the 21st of July.
But I'm a 5-year-old at heaart(:
I'm a mature-ish girl, but like having some fun! and doing stuff i shouldent.
Sometimes i use punctuation and other times i don't. I do spelling that high-school students are learning, yet i like making my own up!
I'm very smart, to prove ; i got 19 A's on my term 2 report this year! Mum owes me $95 :D She said $5 per A. OHHH OOOO!
I'm a really nice person, but like any other person. I have my moment. When I'm cranky, I'm a biaaach.
I live in South Australia, Australia but will be moving to Darwin very soon. I'm living the life, I've got a really big house and a great family. I'm naturally a happy person, but sometimes i can be sad.
If you mess with me, I'll fire-back. That's just the way i roll. I don't take shibblesticks, btw.
I really like spelling properly, but i make mistakes. I ike making up my own words, just like; 'shibblesticks' that means 'shitt' if you where wondering. :D
I like lots of music, but mostly REALLY modern stuff.
Do you like the way i sound.
Leave a comment, lovieee :D
Follow me too :)
^Hit mee uppp :D

Good-bai then
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