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You Really Have No Idea

What's Meant To Be

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I miss you..

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Soft kitty,
Warm kitty, 
Little ball of fur. Happy kitty, Sleepy kitty,

Purr purr purr


Roses are red,
Nuts are brown.
Skirts go up,
Pants go down.
Body to body,
Skin to skin.
When its stiff,
Stick it in.
The longer its in,
The stronger it gets.
It goes in dry,
And comes out wet.
I comes out dripping,
And starts to sag.
But its not what you think,

Its a teabag ;)

Friend: Want some food?
Me: Sure ;)

Best friend:
i'd give you some food, but i ate it :)

Hello, I am


Fave if you know where this is from ;)

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@*<*~What is yourworst fear?~*>*@


I watch NCIS, CSI and Criminal Minds

I can kill you in 30 without being caught :)


Peace is nice, but also found in a graveyard. :|


When life hands you limes, rearange the letters to spell SMILE :)


Me: Im finally happy :') 

life: Oh damn that cant happen, lemmeh throw something bad in...