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I've moved, to here.

Quotes by Crismis5


Internet friends > Real life friends.

What do fish smoke?


I am I, you are you, xxx

we are we,

we could live in

such harmony.

And I,

am praying for the day, {when}

you and I and he and she are we,

when you and I and he and she are we,



We start a war, but what's it for? We fight for peace,

Peace will find us with harmony.

H   a   r   m   o   n   y   -   -   N   e   v   e   r   S   h   o   u   t   N   e   v   e   r   !

Hair: Orange!
eyes: Hazel ^-^

Favorite drink: Fresca or coffee
favorite food: Lobster mac & cheese
Play sports? Basketball, soccer, track
wear makeup? yees
Doing now: procrastinating
Boyfriend? Not at the momentt
crush? very much so. <3
Favorite color? Blackk.
Favorite animal? Manatee <3
Favorite TV channel: ABC Family

I  n e v e r  k n e w  i t  w a s  p o s s i b l e
to cry this much over

one person.