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Quotes by Cristinaa

you know school started
when you have those
silly boy crushes


We've all tried to get the coin out of the cart



If I met Every single guy in the world,
I wonder, who would I love...


I hate those summer days, when you have absolutely nothing
to do.

He called me back
just to tell me he
loves me



I obviously know the
I'm just to
afraid to say it.


Its seems that every time
I'm depressed,
I end up on witty looking for quotes that relate to what I'm going through.

I hate it when people say
" The awkward moment when"
then whatever is after it, isn't awkward at all.


It seems like every summer 
    I find out
       who I
really am. 

"Thats cool"
when your talking to someone and they sign off.