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Hello, everyone~!

My name is Crystal. I am a teen from England. Nice to meet you!
Personally, my times haven't been so tough, but my best friends have all been close to... well, you know... Not best pleased with life.
So I have a LOT of advice up my sleeves, if you need it~! I really do give helpful advice. Don't be afraid to vent to me. I will always listen and I'll try to help the best I can.
I'm open to talk to whenever so don't be shy! I'm usually very gentle when you first get to know me, but my true friends know that I'm well learned in the darker ideas in life. Heh...~
No, nothing to worry about! Don't worry - seriously!
I love to make new friends, and I'll never be mean!
My goal in life is to become a vet. I'm already on my way to getting into the RVC, but there's no guarantee. 

My good friends are MilkAndDavid, ZoraidazMarshmallowTom and KeithhatesLugias
I'd just like to point out that I did not draw my profile picture! All credit goes to the wonderful artist~ I'm not stealing it, I promise!

I am a closet author and I have my own characters.
Whom I am in love with.
That's sad, isn't it?




Quotes by CrystalBlueEyes

I had my Christmas concert yesterday.

I played lead part in a quartet.
And I
messed up completely on a tune everyone in the room knew.
But I didn't mind. It's okay to make mistakes!

If I didn't get embarrassed at disappointing 600+ people,
you can stop embarrassment too.

Instead of thinking, 
'I bet they're all
laughing at me... I bet they all think I'm useless...'
I thought,
'I'm sure they
understand how tired I am... And maybe they think this is a jazz mash-up so they think it's right!'
And I left the stage
smiling like nothing bad had happened.

So if I can do that - me, a teenager like yourself; me, unpopular and uncared for by most people - I'm sure you can do that too.

Don't be embarrassed. A few mistakes are good to have. Have confidence. You can do it!

I only want to help you.

Listen up!

Let's not have a witty war.

Some people like one type of music, others like others.

You know what I'm talking about.

Everyone has a right to their own likes and dislikes,

But no one has the right to insult someone else's.

So, you can love them, or hate them.

You can passively like, dislike or not care about them.

You know what I'm talking about.

I'm a passive disliker, but I respect their views. 

And I hope you can, too!

Let's not have a riot with the D-people, please?

Witty is a place of peace.

Let's keep it that way!

x Thanks~ Have a wonderful day! x


There is no 'e' in 


Violence is terrible.
A single punch can take someone's life.
Never resort to violence. Only ever use self-protection if sincerely necessary.

Every  Action  Has  Consequences.

I get distracted easi--
Is that a lamp?


They tell them to go after the ugly girls.
Good luck finding one:
they don't exist.
Everyone is beautiful. <3

Quel, please come back.
You've been missing for months and we're worried sick about you. He's changed his number and is unable to contact you. We are so scared. Please contact us, or give as a sign if you're okay. 

We miss you.
Sorry to the rest of Witty...
Today was school photo day.
Without looking, I bet most of the girls in my year did
duck faces.
Why? There is nothing attractive or admirable about the duck face.
It makes you look deformed.
So don't do it.

A smile looks so much nicer. c:

God save us, everyone
We're a br/oken people living under loaded gun
And it can't be out fought
And it can't be out done
And it can't be out matched
And it can't be out   run . . .
Linkin Park