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The things I wish I could say about you, the father of my child. I used to could say some of the kindest things, but now the things you say are cruel. You tell me you don't love me, when you used to tell me everyday. You would run your fingers through my hair now instead you'd rather pull it. You used to hold my heart carefully in your hands, but now you'd rather crush it. Instead of telling me I'm beautiful each and everyday you tell me how ugly and fat I am. You tell me I can never take care of our baby right. And when you don't have to work and I'm so happy your home so we can spend days together you leave me and our son all alone at home to hang out with your friends. Last year around this time we were so full of love we were bursting from the seams. Now you are filled with hatred towards me. I can't help that I have stretch marks and gained some baby weight but you were so happy when we found out that I was pregnant. Now you look at me with disgust and only hold your son to feed him. You never sit and talk to him for hours at a time like I do. But, I know you love him. I just wish I knew you loved me too. :( But sadly I know you don't love me anymore but I don't want our son to have split up parents so I'll take all your abuse like a pill one at a time until my body can't take it anymore.
The taste of your lips is sickiningly sweet.
As they touch mine, its a poisinous treat.
Feeling the warmth of your breath on my face.
Your arms sucking me into your addictive embrace.
The feeling of your strong arms holding me tight.
Keeping me safe throughout the night.
Feeling your soft lips trace down my neck.
Sends my mind into a full on wreck.
I love running my hands through your hair.
You and I make such a great pair.
Loving each other each second and more.
Darling your the only thing that I live for.


If he were thrown off of the mountain for loving me.
I will always be the one to flee.
For the tale of Lovers Peak is known.
My love for you has truely shown..
I close my eyes and keep them tight.
I will follow my love without a fight.
So keep in mind my love for you.
Let it be known that it is true...


I got my belly button pierced on Monday, June 23! I was so excited!!!! B went with me and I think he was more nervous than I was!!! Well guess what its infected -_- just my freaking luck -_- but i looked up a bunch of crap online and now I just have to play the waiting game if it doesn't go away I'm going to cry lol
I just found out that witty has a group chat O_o ...
Life is a huge commitment you are burdened with before you are ever thought of being born. It may be successful for some. Short, for others. Cruel to the rest. But, for the successful comes loneliness. For the short, comes friends and family. And as for the rest? Comes love, a love deserved by all yet rewarded to so few. Those few have been granted a desire that the Successful and the Short loathe to watch as their lives tick by slowly and the Rest run restlessly with their loves waving it about the faces of the lonely. So the Rest being sinful, stripped from their loves in the most cruel ways. A murder? A car accident? Cancer, prehaps? As the Successful and the Short look on to the pain and misery caused by such a beautiful creature known as love they calmly shut the door. They pull the shutters closed without a second glance into the street, which houses the young lovers grieving souls. They turn their backs to those whom they once kept close and hide themselves from the beauty and jealously they could easily see within the Few. But, the creature known to not stop until peace and love are aquanited to fondly they are only thought to be long lovers once reunited will stop at nothing until the Successful and the Short have tasted the sweet desire upon them. If even for a short time it must demand that they be felt, and soon after the beautiful creature will return to the shadows until it is discovered once more and it demands to be forgiven. And so it shall, by all.