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Hello~ Jenny, 14, Korean, Saved. I like playing games on, watching k-dramas (i'd love to fangirl w/ u over them~ c:), listening to k-pop (SHINee is my fav guy group but I love almost every group out there ^^ once again, I'd love to fangirl w/ you if you want), and potatoes and llamas.
idk why okayyy. also going on tumblr! <3 look below~

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mainly blue, some creme and pink:

yee okie i'm done here! enjoy this lame profile that was done in 1 minute. :3

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.•자살  in Koreameans 'suicide' buwhen
written backwards, it becomes

살자 which then means 'Let's live.' •.

I don't know why my heart is fluttering.
We're probably never meant to be,
yet that mesmerizing
in to another
hopeless, stupid,
complex of love again.

      ((     C u z  i t ' s  b e a u t i f u l  p e o p l e  l i k e  y o u  w h o  g e t  WHATEVER  t h e y  w a n t     ))
AnD It's beautiful people
     L I K E  Y O U  W H O  S U C K  T H E  L I F E  R I G H T  O U T  O F  M Y   { ♥ }

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Me: can you not nmq/f


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BAHAAHAA, Steve!! For the love of cats. i love cuddling cats, indeed. sorry haven't been on so long, this is probably old. xD
So I have this poster to do for health science. It's like a public service announcement poster (ex: Say No to drugs with picture of something and a short but dramatic/funny line to emphasize your point). 

I wonder if anybody has some ideas I could do? What to draw and what to say (I was thinking of maybe drawing Barbie and saying something about anorexia but I don't know a short line for it. o3o)? Our teacher showed us a REALLY good one with epic art about child abuse. I wanna surpass that because my art skills are sorta okay-ish. xD Thanks, suggestions in comments are appreciated c: <3 And sorry that I've been gone so long. 


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Nail Polish Designs!?

So yah I have like, no idea how to paint my nails. What are some good nail polish designs for girls? if you have a tutorial I could use it!


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Just go find some on youtube. And BTW, I had absolutely NO idea that there were nail polish designs for guys too.

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Plot Twist: The guy makes the sandwich.



So I see this post on Tumblr w/ a pic of a really pretty, skinny (but not too skinny) girl whose appearance is like, perfect, and it says, "This is Ashley. She committed suicide recently. I went on  her Facebook and saw what people were telling her. they called her fat, ugly, and worthless. i will always remember Ashley; be careful of what you tell someone." And I'm just like, "Whaaaaat....? That girl is fricking BEAUTIFUL! what is wrong with those people? Are they blind?" ._. i'm not sure if that post was even real, but if it was, that is totally messed up.