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The worst thing is loving someone_*
when you know you shouldn't anymore
It's caring about someone, wondering
how they are and what they're up to when
the truth is they've stopped wondering
about you a long time ago. The worst
thing is remembering every single detail
of your relationship when he's obviously
long forgotten about you. The worst thing
is missing him so much when he doesn't
even realize you're gone, the worst thing
is feeling the same as you ever did,
knowing you shouldn't,

Because he doesn't anymore.

Quotes by Cunder18

 it's too late to cry,
too broken to move on.
 all of our heartfelt lies, they're not enough
this time.
 all that i know about us is that beautiful things never
last, that's why fireflies flash.                                   
 and i'd tell you that i
miss you, but i'm sure it
doesn't matter at all.
you can't walk away,and try to claim that none
of this was real.
 i'll never be
what you want.
you think alot about yourself so much, for someone who relies on someone else's trust.
 another night,
another dream wasted on you.

 i thought with a month of apart,
together would find us an opening.
and moonlight
would provide the spark,
and that i would stumble across the key,
or break down the door to your heart.

forever could see us, not you and me.
and you'd help me out of the dark,

and i'd give my heart as an offering.                                                   
 follow the freeway,
break the routine,
cause everything is
second to your