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Hello! welcome to my page. i'm alondra!
I love drizzydrake and wizkhalifa!! (;
I'm from california. i f i ever went a week without
music, i think i would be in a hospital.I don't write alot, just enjoy my quotes. comment & follow.
[ If you want. . .] Of course you do. 
Okay Byye!!!<3


Quotes by CupcakeeLuvah


your facebook name and I'll add you.
Boy: I love you. 
Girl: I love you too.
Boy: More than One Direction?
Girl: What the f/ck! You should know your limit!

Math Problem;
Katie bought 40 dogs but returned 30 of them and bought 10 more birds-
 Me; Yea. Let me guess, then she bought 3 cats and an ostrich and 20 whales and a lion right? 
Person on Witty: Like for a rate and a tbh!
     No. Just no.This isn't facebook.

Say this fast.
I M 2 6 C 4 U
Oh my gosh! My internet is back!! Lets have a party. I have my life back!
                                               -I missed my beautiful wifi.
Oh please , Jenna can't hear us, she's blind.
                                                 - Hanna Marin
                                                Pretty Little Liars
The worst things in life come free to us.
(Having my period)
Person: Hey, someone likes you.
Me: Who?
Person: I can't tell you.
-Then don't tell me.
White lips , pale face.
Breathing in snowflakes.
Burnt Lungs , sour taste.
Lights gone , days end.
Struggling to pay rent.
Long nights , strange men.
& They say , She's in the
class A Team. Stuck in
her daydream. Been this
way , since eighteen ,
but lately , her face seems
slowly sinking , wasting ,
Crumbling like pastries.
                     The A Team - Ed Sheeran