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Quotes by Cuppy

             Ah, what is love? It is a pretty thing,
             As sweet unto a shepherd as a king.
How to look like a delicate angel
light colors, like white or cream or dusty pinks and blues ~ long flowy skirts and dresses ~ small gold or rose gold jewelry ~ pastel colored velvet neckbands ~ lounge in satin nightgowns ~ leave your hair down or pin back pieces of loose curls ~ keep your natural hair color ~ ankle socks with lace ~ proper diet, hydration, and exfoliation for natural rosy cheeks ~ let your natural face shine ~ put on small amounts of glitter ~ spray airy perfumes on your neck and inner forearms ~ apply floral scented lotions ~ be yourself 🌟

You are looking at the same moon Shakespeare, Franz Listz, and Elisabeth of Hesse looked at. 

 *:・゚。・:*:・゚☆  ‧͙⁺˚*・༓☾ 

♡ I want to wear a beautiful pink ball gown and dance with the love of my life ♡ 

A rose petaled bath in Paris, a view of the Eiffel Tower against the sky through the window, classical music softly playing from another room. A long shimmering white robe, moonlight, and internal peace. 

                   the moon lives on the lining of your skin 

I want an ocean dress. I want to splash
in the waves in a bathing suit that looks
like a dress. I want to look like a princess. 


    Sunrises are underrated 

      people who slander dandelions are so boring.
      oh you don’t like weeds?? you don’t want to see
      my yard absolutely covered in fairy pom poms??

                                    Down where the mermaids
                                    Pluck and play
                                    On their twangling harps
                                    In a sea-green day...