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I'm fun, crazy, and quite hyper at times :P I love lacrosse and I play soccer too. I love hanging out with my friends and family, and after a really stressful day, its me, the couch, and a tub of icecream :P

Hey, hey! CuteArt here! See the little thing that says follow? Yea that one. press it and recieve 100 dollars!! Luv ya Alyda!!

you can't start the next chapter of your life
if you keep re-reading the last one

Quotes by CuteArt

1. Male friend: Taylor
2. Female friend: Hailey
3. Vacation: paris
4. Age: 10
5. Memory: I don't know...

1. Time of day: really early in the moring..
2. Day of the week: Monday
3. Food: ham
4. Memory: Again, I don't know
5. Subject: MATH! ALL THE WAY

1. Person you saw: sitting outside the band room, so i can see alot of people
2. Talk on the phone with: my mama
3. Hugged: hailey
4. Skyped: taylor

1. Crush: peter
2. Serious bf : chris
3. Car: I'm not old enough to have a car :P but its ganan be a punch buggy
4. First school: bonesy eagle all day kindergarden >_<
5. Job: working at a surf shop

1. What are you doing now: This survey.. sitting outside the band room
2. Tonight: Skype, hw
3. Wearing: ravy blue jeans, and a freaken amazing shirt
4. What did you eat for lunch: Cornbread
5: Better than yesterday: not really...

1. Is: tuesday
2. Got any plans: school >__<
3. Goal: umm to not blackout
4. Dislikes about tomorrow: School
5. Do you have work: I have school

1. Number: 26
2: Song: too many to name
3. Color: Purple
4. Season: Summer
5. State: Delware, or Maine :P

1. Are you in love?: yes
2. Dating someone: yes
3. Missing someone: of course
5. Wanting: I wanna go hoooooome....


[a]vailable: nope
[b]irthday: July 1

[c]rush: taylor
[d]rink you last had: coke
[e]asiest person to talk to: hailey

[f]avorite genre of music: anything but screamo
[g]ummy bears or gummy worms: Gummy worms
[h]ad your first kiss: nope :(
[i]nstrument: saxaphone
[j]uice: blueberrie
[k]illed someone: psh yes ;P
[l]ongest trip: was in cayman island for 2 weeks
[m]ilkshake flavor: strawberry
n]umber of siblings: 1
[o]ne wish: I don't know..
[p]erson who holds the best memories with you: hmmm idk :P
[q]uiet or loud: quite at first, then so loud its annoying
[r]easons to smile: my best friend, and my boyfriend... and umm life?
[s]ong: wow idk too many

[t]ime you woke up: 5:55
[u]mbrella: splater print
[v]egetable: tomato :P
[w]arm at the moment: hahaha no
[x]-rays you've had:umm, my knee, my hip, my wrist, my thumb, 3 on my head, my foot.... thats it
[y]our favorite animal: PENGUINS AND MONKEYS!
[z]odiac sign: Cancer...



Format by Sandrasaurus



I  hate to break it to you, but no one likes you, and we would all love it if you went and died in a hole somewhere...

Teenagers Everywhere


I love it when
You text me first

To my best friend:
My Hailey bailey bug, i am so thankful that i have you in my life,you are so important to me and it kills me to see you so sad,  you always make me happy and when im mad you always know what to say, and your always there for me, and im soo sorry that when you need me most, im not here for you as much as i want to be, i WANT to be the friend you tell everything to, and i WANT to be the one you brag to your friends about, i WANT to always be here for you, and im soo sorry im not always, I am so very thankful, that we are friends, you never judged me when I'm wrong, and you never told me not to do what felt right to me at the time. your dependable, trustworthy, one of the nicest people i have ever met, your so very smart, i can only wish i was as smart as you, you are really going to go great places in life, i'll always be there by your side, until the very end, and  I'm so glad to call you my bestest friend, i know you may not believe it but you are, i never want to lose you, i cant even imagine what life would be like without you, and i dont want to imagine it either, as i write this i want to just stop, run to you house, and cover you in hugs, ever since i've known you, i've known that we'd be best friends forever, I believe in you 100%, and I will stand by you through all the decisions you make, i promise i will never  hurt you, and if i have in the past in anyway i hope you forgive me, because i dont want to lose you as a friend, ever. Hailey Lyn Bryant you are beautiful, and wonderful, and my best friend, you mean the world to me, and im sorry i dont always let you know that, when i met you in 6th grade i was jealous, you were so smart, and the teachers loved you. i wasnt lets say... the best student but because of you i tried harder, so that maybe just maybe you would like me better, since i pushed myself to be a better student, now here in 8th grade i got into algebra. i honestly dont think i would have been able to do that without. i love you<3  everything i have said in here is 100% true,
i will always be here for you,
-love Alyda <3


I know you think you know me, but you only know as much as i let you know.


I have said all those things to you before,and you didn't care. but when she says them it becomes the nicest thing someone has ever said to you. really?

I have  many things i want to say. But i cant say them, i never can. ever. And its killing me, i NEED to tell them to someone, but i cant take what would happen if i did tell them.



[x] I am shorter than 5'4".
[] I tan easily.
[maybe] I wish my hair was a different color.
[] I have friends who have never seen my natural hair color.
[] I have a tattoo.
[] I wear glasses.
[] I would probably get plastic surgery if it were 100 percent safe, free of cost, and scar-free.
[] I have piercings in places besides my ears.
[x] I have freckles.


[x] I've sworn at my parents.
[] I have a sibling less than one year old.
[x] I want to have kids someday.
[] I want to adopt someday.


[x] I'm in school.
[x] I've fallen asleep at work/school.
[x] I almost always do my homework.
[x] I've missed a week or more of school.
[] I've stolen something from my school.


[x] I've fell in public.
[] I've slipped out a "lol" in a spoken conversation.
[x] Disney movies still make me cry.
[x] I've snorted while laughing.
[x] I've laughed so hard I've cried.
[x] I've glued my hand to something.
[] I've had my tonsils removed.
[x] I've sat in a doctors office with a friend.
[] I've had my wisdom teeth removed.
[] I had a serious surgery.
[x]I've pushed all the buttons on an elevator.
[x] I've kicked a guy where it hurts
[] I've been skydiving.
[x] I've gone skinny dipping.
[x] I've been in a play.
[x] I've sat on a roof top.
[x] I've played a prank on someone.
[x] I've rode in a taxi.


[] I've gone on a blind date.
[] I have a fear of abandonment.
[] I've gotten divorced.
[] I've told someone I didn't love them when I did.
[] I've told someone I loved them and didn't get a clear response.
[x] I've felt rejected even if I wasn't.
[x] I've loved someone I knew a friend was already in love with.


[x] I've done something I promised myself I wouldn't.
[x] I've snuck out of my house.
[x] I have lied to my parents about where I am.
[x] I am keeping a secret from the world.
[x] I've cheated while playing a game.
[x] I've cheated on a test.
[] I regularly drink.
[] I have been diagnosed with clinical depression.
[] I shut others out when I'm depressed.
[] I take anti-depressants.
[x] I've gone to therapy.