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Hey Witty people. My name is Sarah and I am just like every other teenage girl. I fall too fast and am always paranoid. I am in an amazing relationship with my best guy friend. He makes me so happy and I never want to lose him. Music and poetry are my life; without them, I wouldn't be as strong as I am now. I post a lot of my poetry on here and most of my quotes are original. I love to sing and am on a swim team. I consider myself pretty normal and I'm confident about my grades, but I am still insecure about my looks. I love my friends and family so much. They have helped me greatly. I blow out the candles on April 13th and right now, I am 14 years old. (Freshie!) I live in Connecticut. Comment where you're from? I am always here if you want to talk; just leave a comment on my profile. :) And let me just say thank you to painogirl4444, jessyviel, codaa024, and MyHomiesBeKrunk for listening to me and understanding. It means a lot. And go check out my bffs, kmeer, xolivelaghlveox, movingon, xoingly, and twizzheart429; I love them. Well, Witty is my home and without you guys, I don't know what I'd do. If you read all of this, thank you. Love you all! <3
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Quotes by Cutecat0413

 I miss my innocence.


 I would love to see you smile again, beautiful.


I could never express in words how much you mean to me 



No matter how many times I tell myself that I don't miss you anymore, the truth is clear;

I still do.


Is it killing you, like it's killing me?

You're standing right next to me, but yet I feel like we're miles apart.

Everything reminds me of you.

Please don't forget about me.

Texting a Guy

Me: Heyy
Guy: What's up?
Me: Nm you?
Guy: Same
Me: Did you study for the Science test yet? I haven't lol
Guy: No
Me: Haha I should really start studying
Guy: Same
Me: Sry gtg study, so I don't fail! Lol ttyl byee
Guy: Bye