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hey guys, i'm jillian. 
Livin young wild and freee(: I love him<3

I loooove Drop_Dead_Attack Hes freaking amazing and my best friend!!
Conner_Loves_Beth is my bestest friend!
Tosh.O,Rob Dyrdek,Ray williiam Johnson<3
I hate my apperance..
I wish I was skinnier,Prettier, Anything than I am now..
My best friends are 
Ryansk8s their all amazing!(':
i have blonde hair and ocean blue eyes. (:
i'm home schooled.
I have 3 best friends Becca,Chantel (VolleyballLoverforeveR) and Aubrey

i love them to death.
I love skateboarding,Makeup,Boys,Flirting,Straightners,Eyelinerr,Peircings,Playing x-box,Swimming,Being with friends and family,Drawing,Reading,
I play Volleyball,Softball,Soccer,Basketball,And doing track in spring,I play football at home,And
I loove singing(:
Music: 3oh!3,Nevershoutnever,Drake,Wiz Khalifa,Bow Wow,Chris Brown,Eminem,Rihanna,Mac Miller,Ke$ha,Some Katy Perry,Taio Cruz,T-Pain,Bruno Mars,The Script,David Guetta,Usher,Lil Wayne,One Republic,Owl City,Nelly,Etc
Wannna know anything else feel free to ask(:
I love Harry Potter!!
Im into shows like Law and Order,Criminal Minds,Bones and all that crap..
Jillian :D
Jillians husband. :
This is Skyler hacking.  I am her husband :D  I love Jillian, don't come to her page with nonsense or else me and my ninjas will definitely come after you. ♥  Jillian is gorgeous and the best wife ever. ♥ Love you Jillian c; Follow me on witty : SkylerP. Flippy Haired Husband is ouutt.<3


 tiffaniecass25 heree.
soo this chick right herrr is awesomee.
and she's beauutifull.
follow her. you know you want to.
tayyy bye (:


HACKIN dis girl xD cause Im awesome like that =P jkjk but yeah, shes pretty chill x) You should like, totally talk to her =D shes really nice and as you can see shes really pretty =P Even though she likes dr.pepper more than mountain dew, shes still awesome xD Shes my new bestest witty friend :D So yes i just made a new friend on witty (epicness) whoa, im being really random in this hack. Ffff. along with stupid questions, randomness is fun too =P Js, Bitch at her, iI can be 100 times worse. Money back guarantee =P okay so like, i should probably shut up now or ill make this a 5 paragraph hack (Brilliant) lol so yeah, talk to her, shes awesome :))   ~~emilyandthatsall c:
So this box wis a little bit about my thoughts about myself...Please dont hate
Well for starters im stubborn,I have a weird personality,Im shy,Im worthless,Im a waste of everyones time,And sometimes the only thing I think about myself is how happy everybody else would be if I was just dead,I hate just about everything about me,I get bullied by about 2 people and ttheyve said stuff to me that I will never forget,I am ugly,I have thought about suicide but no one knows not even my closest friend,I couldnt tell her that it would kill her if she knew,,Im not smart like at all,Im not flawless nor will I ever be,No guy has ever called me beautiful and meant it,Ive had guys call me beautiful but they dont mean it,I dont know why I get bullied cause half the people dont even know me,I dont know why people hate me but thats alright cause I hate myself,I dont see a reason for even talking cause I get judged about anything and just about everything,I dont stick up for myself cause I know if I do someone WILL acomplish bringing me down again,My mom yells at me for anything and everything she can and makes me feel like im never gonna be good enough,I have starved myself before,Im thinking about doing it again cause you know what its not like anyone would ever care what I did to myself and the pain of it feels good,I am in love with 1 guy and we've been talking for 2 or 3 days,He wont leave my mind,He gives me butterflies,And when I listen to Perfect two by Auburn hes the only thing on my mind,I love the feelings he gives me,He thinks im beautiful and hes the best thing ever!! But the only thing is.....A guy like him would never love a girl like me.....But its ok no guy ever would


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Its really cool when you and your ex break up 2 weeks ago then your so called "best friend" decides to tell you that she might be pregnant with his freakin child-_- Fml

                                                                  Please read!!
So theres this girl on here (hater88) And she bullys people that dont deserve it at all so please report her so she gets off......She tells people that she hates their quotes and they should get off witty when shes the one who should get off and shes a horrrible person 

Fav if you think im beautiful<33

Can someone tell me how to get more pictures on your profile? Thank you<3

Q: Whats something you cant live without?
A: My friendss and phone 

Q: Why am I so sexy
A: Since we traded faces I have your face so thats why(: 

Q: Why am I so addicted to you
A: Cause im addictive(; 

Ask me a question and ill answer in my next quote?

Fav if you love mee<33