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Hey I'm Emiline! I'm ___ years old and I'm in 7th grade. My life is perfect, but I'm not perfect. Nobody is perfect. But people are close to perfect. I have Blonde hair and Blue eyes. Now listen, I'm not dumb. Some of you people call me dumb. I changed this little poem about hair color's to this:

Browns are Pretty, Reds are Smart, but it takes a Blonde to Win Someones Heart.

Anyways, That's it! I hope you love my quotes and stuff! Byeeeee!

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Hey witty people! I'm making a new account with better quotes. I'll tell you what it is when I make it!
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Dunno why I put this in request topic....
If I were a zombie,
I'd never eat your brain!
I'd just want your heart,
yeah I'd want your heart,
just want your heart.
You always regret the things you never did.
Thanks so much everyone who liked my quotes!
I was on 2 hours ago and I just get on...
I have 47 notifications!
Thanks so much!
What is the meaning of the name Christina?
for RandomSmileyFace

The coolest, cutest, nicest girl ever. With the best personality, also very quick witted and very smart. Everyone should get to meet her at least once.
Everyone loves Christina.
What is the meaning of the name Jilian?
for Jillianokelman69

The name given to the most oustanding of people. Rarely will you find a girl of such pure quality. Selfless, giving, and caring are all more than fitting in attempting to define such a person. Her confidence and love for life are evident in all of her actions. A smile and laugh that will bring joy to any person. She is a friend to all and loyal at that. So trustworthy that even the most cautious of individuals feel safe in confiding in her. However, do not let such qualities deceive you in making the assumption that she is naive. Endowed with wisdom, intelligence, whit, and a sarcastic nature in humor allowing her to be extremely cunning when necessary. Her modesty amplifies the magnitude of her natural beauty. The physique to make even the most confident of men stop in their tracks and lose all train of thought. She has an outstanding sense of humor and an outlook on life that will inspire others. She causes even the most disclosed and hardened at heart man to be filled with joy and love. She knows what she wants in life so if you and if you are not accepting of that stay out of her way. This is merely a simple approach at explaining someone who can't be explained.
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What is the meaning of the name Darcy?
for ChikaLoveeDirectioner4Lifee

The human drug...awesome, lovable, great, fun, crazy, wild, randomly different, and peaceful.
She is a Darcy, well my Darcy.
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Its kinda cute when boys are jealous.
But when girls are jealous,
World war III is about to start!
What is the meaning of the name Sufia?
for sufflesxoxo_O

A Stunning Brunette Of Mixed Origins. Slender Figure. Breath Taking Beauty. Strong Personality. Amazing Will Power But Slightly Insecure. Loves Color And Wears It A Lot. Always Has The Must-Have Item But Never Shows It Off. A Beautiful Person.
I Wish I Could Be More Like Sufia!!
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