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it's nice hearing someone call you pretty, even though you don't believe it for a second
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She said she was okay. And you believed her?
Let me tell you what's wrong with her. She's tired.
That's exactly what she is, tired. She's tired of getting hurt.
She's tired of being let down. She's tired of the lies.
She's tired of caring too little, and not caring at all. She's tired of holding it in.
She's tired of feeling broken, damaged, worthless, never good enough, pain. She's tired of being judged for everything she does.
She's tired of all her flaws and insecurities. She's tired of trying.
She's tired of getting her hopes up. She's tired of being treated like sh//it.
She's tired of being herself. She's tired, want to know how I know all this?
Because she's me and I'm really tired.

"You Already Broke My Heart, Why Are You Hunting Me In Dreams Now".
The next time you have your coffee black it will remind you of the bitter state he left you in. It will make you weep but you'll never stop drinking; you'd rather have the darkest parts of him than have nothing.

when i was ten,
my heart was too big for my body
and there was this boy in my class who i hated
because his hair was stupid and his smile was stupid
and i couldn't speak properly when he was around.
i found out he liked my best friend
and that made me feel a bit hollow inside
so i crinkled my nose and hated him more
even when he tried to talk to me.
(have you ever hated someone that way?)

when i was eleven
our teacher sat us next to each other in class.
we laughed at everything with our eyes
and everyone else got annoyed
i'd lie in bed texting him until i fell asleep
(his hair was still stupid.)

when i was twelve,
i was freefalling into destruction,
but he could still make me smile
even when it hurt my heart to do it.
my dad was dying and my skin was scarred,
but he told stupid jokes that made it go away.
(maybe i dotted the i in his name with a heart.)

when i was thirteen,
we only had one class together,
but we sat together every single lesson
and drew on each others' hands
and the teacher thought we were dating.
i liked another guy for most of that year.
(i never told anyone that i liked the first boy, too.)

when i was fourteen,
i dated a tall guy who i didn't like
because i didn't want to admit that maybe i was in love with my best friend,
who made fun of my boyfriend mercilessly.
i dumped him, but i never told him why.

i'm almost fifteen,
and my heart is still too big for my body.
these are all the things i'll never tell him.


Every night,
someone falls asleep thinking about you.
They toss and turn all night because they hate
the fact that the pillow they’re hugging isn’t you.

They want to be with you right this second,
but you’re clueless about the whole situation.
Playing these little scenarios in their head
hoping that it will actually happen
the next time they see you.

That sweet voice of yours
is the only thing they wish to fall asleep to
but they have this mindset
that you’re too good for them.

Your smile is carved into their memory
and they see it every time they shut their eyes,
trying to go to sleep.

Then they quickly open it again in hopes
that you will be by their side this time.

And the only thing they want to know is
if you’re thinking about them too.


We're all in the same game;
just different levels.
dealing with the same hell;
just different devils.
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