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Hey : ) Im Danielle But you can Call Me Dani just like all my other friends do : ) My friends describe me as : Fun... Aggressive... (thanks Syd) Fun... not a gossiper...  I do gymnastics and cheerleading and im gonna start volleyball next year...
  ATTENTION : Im gonna treat you how you treat me so... Just get that through your head and i think we can be good friends... And ... I just say it how it is and i dont mind what you think of that... Im not on this website just to find guys and flirt i come on the site to talk to you guys about your problems AND MINE ... Cuz i have alot of them!!Oh!! And dont be shy to ask me to follow you cuz im not gonna say no for no apparent reason... Thats a lil stupid ... And... Yeah.. Just comment if you wanna know more... : )


I was so excited for Summe2012 

Not so much anymore


//Sorry I'm not good enough for you//


 Imagine your teacher as 
When I'm gone...
don't miss me. 

Bro' I need some advice... alright so...

Me and my friends got into it today... but i worked it out with everyone except one person... and im afraid that she is gonna tell the guy i LIKE LIKE! ;D something that isnt true like she usually does and he was the one sticking up for me today so i don't want him snapping on me today ;( so yeah please comment. it is gonna help me alot : ) 

Thanks Witty Sisters ...
***That awkward moment when pigs fly ***
And like usual... Society taught her , Who she is , Isn't good enough. 
Me and my sister in the car:

Sister: Do you wanna play the license plate game?
Me: I can't see I don't have my contacts in.
Her: Do you wann play Ispy ?
Me: I still wouldnt be able to see anything...
Her:Hehe Do you wann ply hide and seek 
me: -_-

  Don't you get it ... I MISS YOU

                    Why can't he love me like I love him </3