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so there is this boy... and i would tell you about him but then you would fall inlove with him too.

Quotes by DAYYUMMxjenn

"I would rather live my life to the fullest,
than constantly conduct myself in a certain way
to gain approval from others..
I have no regrets and especially no apologies."
- parishilton
people change
 & promises are broken
why does the person who you like always like somebody else<3
itís not fair how you take advantage of the fact that I Love you beyond the reason why And it just ainít right<3
i dont have a motor boat but i can
float your boat...<3
im feeling something different something strange at home when im here i think about him dream wierd things but when i see pictures or him it just brings all the memories of our old friendship and where we ended as friends i feel tingles inside and dont know what to do at school i feel chills down my spine even when i hear teachers calling his name on the speaker but no one to tell i feel all bottled up inside and have no clue if my real feelings are there or if there not ....or if i have big feelings for him..........