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Quotes by DCDx3

we make up stories
we make up songs
we only show eachother
but never sing along
as we grow up we will stay together
thats wat it means
to be friends forever!
wen friends fight one person always gets hurt
wether its u or the other
you should still make up and be friends
for ever and ever <33
(I made that mistake and it will nvr happen again)
y do they hv ice coffe wen u can just wait like 20 minutes and ur hot coffee is now cold??
i actually asked my friends this ? lol
wen he will say it
and wont regret it
say yes
and tell him forever and ever
wat ppl say
dont really matter
wat matters is how he treats u
dont let him control u
dont let him stand on ur own
wen u fall u want to be caught
but wen ur caught u want to be freed
and wen u r freed u want to be held
but wen you've been held to long
u want to let go
be welcomed by a freindly face
not by a cloud of hate
dont let him be rated by appearences
wat u think is wat u think
no matter wat ppl say sumtimes even friends
like who u like
love who u want
dont be afraid to tell
just do wat u want
wen u hear a good song
play it out loud
get the neighbors mad
so they say that u r bad
then fall into a deep sleep
and never wake till it creeps
out ur heart
and never remember him
Just give up
dont even wait
cuz wen he asks
it will be too late...
wen parents say "its kool" then u knoe not to where it again
skool can not help u learn to behave......only therepists can
LeTs ShArE ThE LoVe...I hAvE 7 SeSsIoNs
YoU cAn HaVe 1 YoU CaN HaVe 3 AnD I'lL Be NiCe AnD GiVe YoU 4 OoOpS LoOkS LiKe I HaVe No MoRe SeSsIoNs ThAnx!!!
(someone said it but i wrote it)
there was a man who saw his life in a dream
god was by his side as they watched him through his life
the man noticed tht through all his life there were two sets of footprints
his and gods
but the guy noticed there was only one set of foot prints in the sand during his tough times
he asked' god y is it tht during my ough times u left me?'
god said' y child i was carrying you through all those obstacles i did not leave
how would you kno if the sky really was falling??Cuz it would still be blue and wouldnt really change although it mite get closer and closer but no one pays attention to the clouds any more so it wouldnt matter