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Quotes by DM16

I can't find     another guy
because in   every guy 
i can't        find you.

I Miss You,
yeah, you broke up with me and i should get over it...
but it's hard. it's the hardest thing i have ever attempted to do.
i see you with that girl, your arms around her, her head on your chest,
and we are still friends. i miss you, and you are right there, only feet away.

The Only Way To           Explain What Your Feeling,
Is To Say 'I Love Him' With A Smile On Your Face,
& Your Head In A                        Wave Of Memories.

ecause Of You...

I Can't Listen To One Love Song,
Without T h i n k i n g Of You &


Don't you hate when of all the
 songs to play on your ipod,

shuffle chooses the one that makes you think of him,
 think of all the memories, the song that makes you cry.

if you love them, 
set them free,
if they love you,
they'll always come back.

-Selena Gomez.
Maybe You Can Learn Something From Disney Channel After All

After All The Bullshit You Put Me Through,

You Could Still Have Me In a Heartbeat.


To   Fall   For   Him
A n y m o r e