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Hi there(:
If You Really Knew Me You Would Know That:
-My name is Kelsey
-I am 15 years old &in my first year of high school
-Family, Friends, and Soccer come before EVERYTHING
-I do not tolerate two faced people, liars, and backstabbers
-I hate bugs because one day they're going to take over the world....
-Everything I do I give my 110%
-I am an A, B student
-I'm pretty friendly but I am almost always sarcastic
-I feel very strongly about certain things and I can get very emotional
-I used to cut myself, but I'm recovering from that now.  Some days are harder than others...
-I am always here when someone needs to talk because I want to be a therapist/psychiatrist when I am older
-I write poems to get my emotions out

Anything else you need to know?  Just ask!!  :D
Hey!  Im almost always online :D

Quotes by DaRe2SoAr11

The pain might fade,
but the scars will still remain.


Please just tell me
what is so wrong with me that makes me
not good enough for you?


It would just be so easy, so painless, to take the pills and swallow them all.  I just want to drift off into eternal sleep and be away from everything.   


While you're hating your life just because you can't get what you want, someone is praying to have a life like yours.  Appreciate what you have. 


I really like it when you smile.  It's really pretty, and we need more pretty things in the world.
nmf, followme(:
nmf, followme(:

smile girls, you're beautiful (:


 Please grant me the strength not to beat this girl with a bat.




Your opinion is irrelevant because I hate you.


It's hard to swim
in a world so