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Heey thee namees Kaylee;
im 6teeen yearss younng*
im not yourr typicall girrllyy girrll
sports are my thinngg...i play basketball trackk nd cross countryy.
my familiyy nd friends mean everthinngg to me <3*
if youu neeed adviceeeor helpp withh anythinngg commenntt me id be glad to helpp.

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Sooooo i need advicee.....

ive been talking to two boyss at oncee. idk which one to choose.

oneee is really nice , and caring. he seems like he would do anything for me and hes not a player. only thing is is that i found out today that he went out to dinner with his ex gf on valentines day as"friends" . he swears up and down they are nothing more.

thee other boyy. told me that he really liked me but was talking to another girl at the same time. he decided to date her but told me " he would come back to me if they broke up" well they broke up and he is trying to get with me. he is a major player and ik that i will never be able to trust him. but part of me still wants him

soooo who should i go forrr?  
    → && Shes just a another girl who is afraid to take the risk because she remembers the outcomes of all the ones before him;*


mineee; so donnt steall 
kthankkss :)




Im moree thaan jusst an optionn kiddoo,& who's to say that i will be around whenn youu realizee thaat im moree to youu thenn just seconnd besstt*


→&nndd i understand girls talk behind my back.
             ...but the thing is, im real and thats something they lack.
F.Y.I - i bitee backkk (; 
I've Fallen
                                &nd I Fell 
Hard ♥*

Colorrss Kinddaaa succkk; heard it on tv . idk if its on here alreadyy


&nd So come on get higheerrr looseenn urr lipsss
  ;faitthhh &ndd desiree nd the swinngg of youuuur hipsss _<3*





Idkkk if anyoneee already has thisss on heree; so creditt to whoeveerr.

→Wheeennn im goood , im goood
   → Whennn im baaaaad, im bettterrrr (;



Not mineeeeee* credittt to whoeverrr.

So theres this girl ...
She met this guy.
He was nothing like anyone she has ever met.
He was the type of guys girls dream about.
Ya kno, kinda,Caring, truthful, and wasnt afraid to show u how much he really loved you.
This girl and this guy became friends and he tried for two weeks to date her.
They dated.
They became closer and Closer to eachother every single day.
They had a couple rough patches along the way but they ended up working them out
They dont get to see eachother that much but they still are trying to make it work.
The girl became head over heals for this guy.
and guess what ....

the guy was just as much in love with her as she was with him <3

→wasnt the kinda of ending you were expecting huh ? :P

Highlighhhttttt *