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AAAH I'VE BEEN DISCOVERED SO I'M NOT ANON ANYMORE! Oh well, I guess I'll put a real pic of me up and tell you that my name is Bex, I'm 15 and live in New Zealand!

Btw. HANNAH & SAM I am going to make another witty and make sure that one stays anonymous! This will be my fun one!

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Quotes by DaisyChains


Oh fairytales,

 why do you have to be so upsettingly unrealistic.


Woke up with puffy eyes and a whole lot of tissues in the bin this morning.

Sometimes tears are so hard to hold back.
Valentine's Day:

The annual reminder of how s*** my love life is.

Trying to stay asleep for as long as i can,
because now, i only ever see you in my dreams.
just watching those gorgeous guys walk on by...
and knowing that you'll never have anyone quite like that.
Hiding your face in crowds
cause you can't bare feeling that guys are just disappointed when they see it.

Defeating the whole purpose of  NEOPOLITAN icecream by only taking one flavour.


treasure those moments
when you feel even that slightest bit beautiful.


Just  like the clouds my eyes will do the same.

if you walk away, everyday it'll rain, rain, rain.