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Hello, mates.
My name is Damien.
I was born in Sweden but raised in the UK.
Currently, I reside in the US with my wife.
I am a recent graduate of medical school and plan to devote my life to finding a cure for cancer.

T <3 J <3 R <3 G <3 O
Rest easy, angels.

Quotes by Damien

Hello, mates. Just logged in for the first time in years. Anyone still use this?
I feel so good.
I wish I could blame her, but I can't.
I did this to myself.
I don't even want to live anymore.
It's amazing how fast a life can end.
There's nothing here for me without you.
There are some things I can't do without you.
The first is live.
I won't soothe your pain.
I won't ease your strain.
You'll be waiting in vain.
I've got nothing for you to gain.
I'm taking it slow,
Feeding my flame,
Shuffling the cards of your game.
And just in time,
In the right place,
Suddenly I will play my ace.
<Eyes On Fire>

I guess I'm not meant to be a father.
Three years ago, my Mum committed suicide.
A year later, so did my youngest brother.
It destroyed me.
I hated myself for not saving her, for not saving him.
I wanted to die.
I began to overdose, drink, use meth and cocaine, and slit my wrists.
Recently, I lost my first born son.
After everything, I was finally getting over losing my Mum and my brother, and then this happened.
The night he died, I sat locked in the bathroom, knife in hand, telling myself to do it.
One slice across my wrist made me realize I didn't want to die.
Killing myself wouldn't make my Mum come back, or my son.
It would only make things harder for my wife, my surviving brother, and my best friend.
There is a life worth living, I just have to rebuild it.
I've had it.
I'm so sick of seeing all these guy bashing quotes.
I'm sick of seeing witty guys called fake.
We can't ever win.
We post a picture, you accuse it of being stolen from online.
We don't post a picture, you say we're girls in hiding.
We have just as much right to be here as each of you girls, and you need to realize that.
You call witty a big family, but it's not.
It's broken and it's full of bullies.
I scroll through loads of quotes about how guys treat you bad, or other nonsense.
Honestly, from the look of things, you deserve it.
It's not always the guys job to text you first, or buy you things all the time.
It's not always the guys job to say "I love you" first.
It's not just girls who like being complimented and shown love.
But go ahead, just keep thinking that it is.
Maybe if you'd take the time to consider these things, you'd understand why you don't have a boyfriend.

Wonder why the nice guys are a dying breed...
"Everything that gets born, dies."